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Department of Chemical Engineering
Sankar Bhattacharya

Sankar Bhattacharya

Professor and Deputy Head
PhD (Newcastle), MEng (AIT), PGDBM (Melbourne Business School), GCHE (Monash), FAIE

Energy, Fuels and Reaction Engineering Research Group - Scientific R&D for practical solutions is our focus

We are looking for a PhD student, Australian PR or citizen,to work in an advanced combustion project using biomass and coal. The project requires both experimental and signifcant mathematical modeling skills. Email me a CV if interested. You have to meet Monash University's admission criteria that can be gleaned from

Professional Appointments:

Professor and Deputy Head, Department of Chemical Engineering - Monash University, 2014

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering-Monash University, 2009-13

Senior Energy Analyst (Cleaner Coal Technologies) and Leader-G8 Cleaner Fossil Fuels program, International Energy Agency (IEA),Paris, 2006-2009

Principal Research Engineer and Key Researcher, CRC Clean Power from Lignite, Australia, 1995-2006

Research Associate, Division of Energy Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok 1988-1990

Senior Design Engineer- Coal-fired power station design services, Development Consultants, India, 1981-1987

Major Accomplishments:

Leader - commissioning, operation and trial of Victorian and South Australian lignites in first CFBC pilot plant in Australia

Leader - first oxygen-blown gasification of Victorian, South Australian and North Dakota lignites in pressurised HTW gasification pilot plant in Australia

Joint Leader - first air and oxygen-blown gasification of Victorian and South Australian lignites in transport reactor gasification pilot plant in Grand Forks, USA

Develop IEAs policy recommendations for global coal-fired plant efficiency improvements for the G8 Heads of State delivered by the IEA in Hokkaido, July 2008

Lead OECD-Heiligendamm Dialogue Units work on coal-fired power generation for G8+5 countries, leading to final reporting in Moscow in March 2009

Present IEAs work on Cleaner Fossil Fuels in IEA member and non-member countries Contribute to fossil fuel-fired power sections in several IEAs publications including the World Energy Outlook, Energy Technology Perspectives, Carbon Capture and Storage, and IEAs country reviews - Indonesia, Netherlands, USA

Assist in developing technical criteria for World Bank's financing for modernization of older coal-fired plants

Current Research Projects:

Entrained flow Gasification of brown coal and biomass including mineral matter effects

Gasification and pyrolysis of wastes for fuels and energy production,

Oxy-PF and Oxy-CFB combustion of Victorian brown coal and overseas lignites and mineral matter effects,

Liquid fuel from waste plastics

Chemical looping combustion and gasification of lignites and biomass,

Direct carbon fuel cell - application of biomass and brown coal-materials preparation and modeling

DME production from lignites and biomass

Modeling of Slag composition during gasification of biomass and low-rank coals

Steam and flue gas drying of coal and related drying kinetics

Past Research Projects: Economics of Oxyfuel retrofitting of lignite (with Dr Andrew Hoadley)

Combustion behaviour of dried brown coal (with CSIRO)

Project Sponsors and Partners:

Australian Research Council, Department of Primary Industries - State Government of Victoria, Brown Coal Innovation Australia, Department of Resource, Energy and Tourism- Canberra, Loy Yang Power, International Power Hazelwood, Energy Australia, Alstom Boiler (France), International Power-Loy YangB, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kyushu Electric, Ozmotech Pty Ltd, CSIRO-Australia, HRL-Australia,

Current Research Collaborators with My Group:

IIT Bombay, JGSEE-Thailand, University of Tokyo, Kyushu University, Technical University of Munich, University of Alberta, University of Newcastle, Chalmers University, Technical University of Darmstadt, Southeast University-China, University of Science and Technology-Liaoning, China, National Metallurgical Laboratory - India

Group members:

Professor Klaus Hein; Emeritus Professor Kerry Pratt; Dr Andrew Hoadley - Process modeling, CO2 capture;

Dr Meng Woo - CFD modeling; Dr Maggie Chen, Research Fellow - oxy-fuel combustion, CO2 capture, direct carbon fuel cell; Dr Srikanth Srivats, Research Fellow - Catalysis; pyrolysis, waste gasification; Mr Subir De-Honorary Research Associate; Professor Sudipta De (Visiting, Jadavpur University, Coal utilization)

Major Equipment, Analytical Instruments and Software in the Group:

Entrained Flow Reactors for pf combustion and gasification to 1100C and 1600C - capability to inject steam and a range of gases including HCl; Quartz reactors and furnaces for pyrolysis, combustion and gasification; Netzsch TGA with steam injection capability; Perkin Elmer TGA to 1500C, Gas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer; Gas Chromatographs - FID/FPD/TCD; Micro Gas Chromatograph; HPLC; Gas Analyser; CHNS Analyser; Ion Chromatographs; Tubular Furnace to 1500C; TPD;Slag viscosity measurement unit, FTIR with hot cell to 950C

Softwares - Factsage, Fluent, HSC Chemistry

Teaching Commitments:

  • CHE3164
  • ENE3048
  • CHE5881/CHE6881
  • CHE5299
  • CHE4170
  • CHE4180


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  • Patent
  • Advanced power generation process for use with high moisture lignites, with Malcolm McIntosh, - Australian patent no 740099 (86175/98), US patent no. 6148599 (09/114432)
  • Book Chapters
  • Three chapters: Carbonization of Sawdust Briquettes, Batch Carbonization of Selected Agro-forestry Residues, Characterization of Selected Agro-forestry Residues, in BioCoal : Technology and Economics, S. C. Bhattacharya and R. M. Shrestha (eds.), Regional Energy Resources Information Centre, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 1990. ISBN 974-8201-414
  • One chapter: An Overview of Advanced Power Generation Technologies Using Brown Coal, in (em>Advances in the Science of Victorian Brown Coal (edited C Z Li), Elsevier, October 2004, ISBN 0-08-044269-2.
  • One chapter: Fermentable Sugars from Ligno-cellulosic Biomass: Technical Challenges, in (Biofuel Technologies - Recent Technologies (edited Vijay Gupta and Maria Tuohy), Springer, February 2013, ISBN 978-3-642-34518-0
  • Book Edited and co-authored
  • Fossil Fuel Fired Power Generation Case Studies of Recently Constructed Plants, International Energy Agency, ISBN 978-9264-03908-7,2008
  • Power Generation from Coal - Measurement and reporting efficiency performance, International Energy Agency Coal Industry Advisory Board, 2012.


  • Recent Invitations
  • Plenary lecture - International Symposium on Coal Combustion - Tsinghua University, China 2015 - on Chemical Looping Combustion;
  • Panel discussion member - Clearwater Coal Coneference, USA, 2015 - (i) panel discussion on Chemical Looping Combustion (ii)panel discussion on Low rank coal utilization
  • Invited lecture - Int. Conf Adv Energy Research, IIT Bombay, 2015 - Chemical looping for power and chemicals


Postgraduate students
Ms Joanne Moore - Entrained flow gasification of brown coal
Ms Nur Jainan - Catalytic conversion of algae
Ms Janelle Khoo - Life cycle analysis of mineral industries(with CSIRO)
Ms Jiuan Chew - Biomass pyrolysis (with Estee Young)
Ms Vibhuti Chhabra - Waste processing
- Slag viscosity and characterization
Sharmen Rajendran - Chemical looping combustion
David Stokie - Coal drying
Daniel Fini- Direct Carbon Fuel Cell (with Sukhvinder Badwal and Sarb Giddey)
Tao Xu - Entrained flow gasification of biomass and low-rank coals
Ms Prachi Varshney (IIT Bombay with John Beardall and Promod Wangikar)- CO2 capture with algae
Sonal Thengane (IIT Bombay with S Mitra, S Banerjee and Andrew Hoadley)- Chemical Looping
Raghav Ragipani (IIT Bombay with AK Suresh)- CO2 capture
Makarios Wong - Chemical looping combustion
Pramod Sripada - Biomass to liquid fuels
M A Kibria - Biomass gasification and modeling
Li Fanghua - Algae utilization
Anurag Parihar - Fine chemicals from biomass
PhD Completed - Dr. Chiranjib Saha- Chemical looping combustion;Ms Dr.Bithi Roy- Oxy-FB combustion; Dr. Bayzid Kabir- Liquid fuel synthesis from lignites; Dr Kawnish Kirtania- Entrained flow gasification of biomass
Dr Adam Rady - Direct Carbon Fuel Cell; Dr. Sharmen Rajendran - Chemical looping combustion; Dr Aysraf Kassim - Biofuels from algae
Visiting students and staff
Nutsupak Chovichien(JGSEE, Thailand) - CFB combustion
YoungKwang Kim (Kyushu University)- CFB combustion
Saiful Islam (Kyushu University) - Entrained flow gasification
Huyn-seok Kim (Kyushu University) - oxy-CFB combustion
Dongmei Wang (USTL, China) - gas desulphurisation
Arash Tahmasebi (USTL, China) - coal drying
Shuai Zhang (Southeast University, China)- Chemical Looping
Dominique Meier (Karlsruhe University, Germany)- Brown coal gasification
Ms Tove Karlsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) - Chemical looping
Jianchen Ma (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) - Chemical Looping

Community Service:

Radio 3RRR - Science discussion in the Party Show
Reviewer of Australia Day Awards
Bengali Association of Victoria
Acedemic Supervisor for VCE student - John Monash Science School

Professional Association:

Invited Expert Reviewer - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Invited Member - Clean Coal Technology ASEAN and East Asian region working Group, METI, Japan, 2009-
Invited Reviewer - UN Economic Commission for Europe-Cleaner electricity production
Invited Member - Clean Coal Victoria Advisory Committee 2010-
Invited Member - Research and Investment Advisory Committee, Centre for Low Emissions Technology, Queensland; 2004-2006
Member - Management Committee, Australian Institute of Energy Victorian branch, 2005-2006;
Assessor -Australian Research Council Discovery and Future Fellowship Programme, Hongkong Innovation and Technology Commission
Assessor - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology
Assessor - Oakridge Associated Universities
Member - American Chemical Society
Other Major Professional Involvement:
Advisory Committee member and invited Session Chair in national and international conferences
Freiberg Conference on IGCC and XTL-2005, 2007, 2010 and 2014, Western Fuels Symposium-2004, USA, AIE Conference-2006, International Coal Science &Technology Conference-2009 and 2011, International Low-rank Coal Symposium - 2010 and 2012
Presenter - Course on Lignite utilization and Advanced Power Generation Processes to industry employees and postgraduates, 2001, 2003, Melbourne; Industry supervisor of PhD students in Australia, Japan and Thailand;
Examiner of PhD thesis and university academic promotion application in Australia
Reviewer - Fuel, Energy & Fuels,Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Fuel Processing Technology, Int J of Hydrogen Energy, J Physical Chemistry Letters, Biomass and Bioenergy, Bioresource Technology, Zeitschrift fr Physikalische Chemie, Chemical Engineering Technology, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Chemical Engineering Science, ASME journals,Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,The Electrochemical Society Journals, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions

Research Interests:

  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Entrained flow gasification -brown coal/biomass/algae/MSW and ash viscosity
  • Chemical looping gasification and combustion
  • Oxy-fuel and air combustion - pf and CFB
  • Liquid fuels and chemicals from brown coal
  • Coal drying
  • Direct carbon fuel cell - brown coal and biomass application
  • Dust explosion
  • Simulation of advanced power generation processes
  • Energy Economics